Delete saved activities

(Patrick Tourflitser) #1

Is there a way to delete an activity? I rode one lap on a non calibrated smart trainer, and therefore accidentally broke all my records. I would like to remove them, but I can’t find a delete button. If there isn’t any, can someone from Zwift delete my activity from 13 Nov 2015 4:26 PM?


Thanks in advance!


(Dave Brodmann TFC) #2

Same problem here with some of my earlier activities.  Is there any way for me to delete them?

(Reese Lloyd) #3

+1 for this request.  Need to delete an uncalibrated lap and return any achievements I got on that ride.

(Danko Junasevic) #4

+1 for this request. Please tell us how to do it, or if it is still not possible, make it possible :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…



(Oscar Peralta) #5

+1 for this request. “Say no to virtual (accidental) doping” :slight_smile:

(stephen longman) #6

Was an answer posted ? Did a session on a incorrectly calibrated power metre and want to delete it 

(Tom Doughty) #7

On the far right of each activity, upper corner there is pencil icon.  Click on the pencil icon and you either delete or edit the activity.

(Alex Hahn / MMET //) #8

You can do that yourself. Just delete the folder \documents\zwift\cp

(Jim Mauck [Team ADHD America]) #9

Delete seems to be available in all browsers now. Log in to Zwift, select Activities, hit the pencil icon for edit and delete options.