Delete saved activities

Is there a way to delete an activity? I rode one lap on a non calibrated smart trainer, and therefore accidentally broke all my records. I would like to remove them, but I can’t find a delete button. If there isn’t any, can someone from Zwift delete my activity from 13 Nov 2015 4:26 PM?


Thanks in advance!


Same problem here with some of my earlier activities.  Is there any way for me to delete them?

+1 for this request.  Need to delete an uncalibrated lap and return any achievements I got on that ride.

+1 for this request. Please tell us how to do it, or if it is still not possible, make it possible :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…



+1 for this request. “Say no to virtual (accidental) doping” :slight_smile:

Was an answer posted ? Did a session on a incorrectly calibrated power metre and want to delete it 

On the far right of each activity, upper corner there is pencil icon.  Click on the pencil icon and you either delete or edit the activity.

You can do that yourself. Just delete the folder \documents\zwift\cp

Delete seems to be available in all browsers now. Log in to Zwift, select Activities, hit the pencil icon for edit and delete options.