How to delete failed activity?

I just got my Kickr and therefore I’m new to Zwift. I hooked up my laptop to my tv, installed the windows app and got on my bike for my first Zwift ride. Unfortunately i forgot to charge the laptop battery enough, so that after 2/3rd of the ride the battery died. After rebooting i had to start my ride from the beginning, but somehow Zwift recorded the failed ride. I see it on the webpage inside my activities. But when i open it, i only get the z logo on the screen. I’m not able to delete it or edit. Do i miss a option to delete rides? Or is there none?

You can delete activities using the Zwift Companion App.

Ah, thanks. That works. Also there is a difference between your profile at and The second site offers more control over Zwift. E.g. deleting activities. Quite confusing.