Delete old leagues from the drop down menus

When you click on the Leagues drop-down list at the top of the ZwiftPower site, it lists about 120-130 different leagues and so finding the ones you want can involve a lot of scrolling, especially as some of them have very similar names.

Looking through many of these leagues, most of them reported their last results well over 3 months ago and some almost as far as a year back, so it’s clear that they are no longer current leagues. Could the list be tidied up so this drop-down only shows active and recently completed leagues - e.g. the ones people actually would want to look at?

The relevant organisers of each league need to close their league and it will come off the active list.

Unfortunately, it seems there are many who can’t be bothered.

Yep, this. But there is a limit to the number of open leagues you can have, so if they want to start a new one, they may have to close an old one down first.

That’s the problem - they’re not closing them, just leaving them open. And it sounds like they were one-offs.

Yeah, I can see one league that I am currently involved in where last year’s equivalent league (name has been slightly tweaked to avoid duplication) is still showing in the list, which is frustrating as I keep on clicking on the wrong one!

Maybe Zwift could send out a reminder to all organisers twice a year just to tell them to close old leagues? Or is that me being a bit too optimistic? :slight_smile:

Should be possible to maybe just remove leagues that are no longer active after X days/months/years.

Maybe the Menu structure needs a bit of love and attention as @MRBaldi_T-ZHR has said this is down to Event organizers to manage. So perhaps have a cascading menu based on Organizer>Event Name. That will keep the parent list down , and to a certain extent the Event listing one down … except for those organizers who are not so organized . :smiley:

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If the start/end dates could be showed in the league drop down menu, I think it would be enough…

I’d suggest that any leagues that haven’t had an event added to them after 2 weeks ahould be removed. Realistically any active series should never have more than 1 week between events.

I do this for 19 events a week, and if I didn’t someone would let me know very quickly :slight_smile:


Yeah , seems that good organizers are doing the right thing but others are not , to the detriment of all.

Given the premium of being able to get access to event organization with many more wanting access to it than can get it , perhaps its time to cull a few organizers who are not adhering to good practices.

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Better option would be to archive older leagues. That way you can still go back and look at previous results if you would like in a different tab or drop down.

Then keep all active ones in one spot for easy access and browsing.

I think that’s what already happens, there’s just no listing of the archived ones - the results are still there if you follow a link. A way to search those would be interesting, but not a game-changer.