How to search for a league to join?

I’d like to join a league and run some staged events with an overaching classifications and points etc, just to add a bit more spicy to usual “one-off” racing.

I had a look at Zwift Power league section, but I’m not sure I have understood how to search for active leagues which have racing times good for me: I just see a huge list and then all the informations like calendar and racing times seems to be hidden after first selecting a league, which can also be unactive.

Is there any search feature that I’m missing that could make easier finding a league suitable for me ?

The ZHR Masters league starts on Tue 23rd and the longer Masters Weekender on Sun 28th. Running for 13 weeks, taking the best 10 results for the overall league.

Subject popped up a few days ago too. I use Zwifthacks to filters/search as well as keep an eye on various social media forums.

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This is something I’ve been looking at for a while. Could you send a link for ZHR league please?

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All details are on the ZHR Facebook page:

If not on FB, there are five races every Tuesday (or two on Sunday for the longer one). Just need to do any one (or two if you want), results and league on ZwiftPower