Delete Account



Can you delete my account please?



Hi Jared,

You can go ahead and cancel it by logging in to, going to Settings and then to Payments.

Hope this helps!


I can’t delete my account and pls stop to send payment to my paypall 


Hi George,

Please submit a support ticket - we cannot cancel accounts for you. You must do them yourself.

my account shows that I still have 6 days free trail version, but if I zwift to start driving it indicates that it has expired. I tried to pay but this does not help
can you help me?

Hi Gert,

If you try clicking ‘Just Watch,’ does it let you ride?


when I log in.
1 click login
2 start ride, run it
3 when the program starts, there already right corner of the screen trail experid
4 I can press just watch. but when I start to ride, everything goes well run top left of the screen, but the cyclist stops along the side of the road and the speedometer is also not running.

Hmm, thanks for the update, Gert. I’ll get one of our database guys to look at the account.

somehow I ended up with 2 accounts how can I delete one of them? it’s just a log in at this point not a paying account.