Account Suspension

I would like the feature to suspend payment on my Zwift account because I have an injury requiring surgery and 6 months of rehab. I will probably be able to be back on the bike in 3-4 months. Meanwhile I will be unable to use Zwift, so I would like to just be able to suspend payment without losing my account or anything, or having to resubscribe.

You should be able to just remove your payment source. Your account will still be there when you are ready to come back with all the achievements. 

Hi Samuel, 

Sorry to hear, Paul is absolutely right you can do that and you don’t have to be worried, we’ll keep your account the way it was when you canceled your subscription.

Hope you get better soon so you can Ride On! :slight_smile:


The outdoor cycling season is starting and I’d like to suspend but not delete my account since I’ll definitely be back in the fall.

From My Zwift, I go to Payments. Under Payment Method, I tried Update Details but do not see how to remove the payment source (but I can see how to add one). How do I get rid of the payment source in order to suspend my account?


Hi Peter/Paul,

If you scroll down to the bottom of the payments page there’s a link in very small letters that says “Cancel Subscription” Just click there and it will take you through a few steps to suspend your membership.

Obviously don’t forget to come back when the weather is rotten to sign up again - which is what I intend to do ;o)



This seems to no longer available?

Is there another way to suspend your account?

This is what I see, see below