Pausing subscription?

Hello! Is possible to paus my Zwift subscription ?

I hope to start Zwifting again in about 3-4 months.

Then I want to start Zwifting with my now saved data and rides.

How to?

Just remove your payment information from your account.

Hi Roger, 

All you need to do is cancel your subscription and we’ll leave your account the way you left it with all your data. (no joining fee when you return) 

Ride on! 

Hello! I loggen in and watching My Zwift->Payments->Payment Method. It is not possible to cancel or edit the Payment method.

But in the the bottom of this page it reads “Would you like to cancel your subscription?” And this is a URL available to click. “This is a bummer - We are going to miss you, but if you’d like to join again in the future we’ll still take you back :)” appears when entering.

If I do so, cancelling my subscription - How to join again later?

I will have my account saved when rejoining?

How to?

Please help!



Yes, that’s right when you decide to come back you’ll go to

profile -> payments -> join now -> give us your credit card details and that’s it. All your data will be saved and no fee to rejoin.

I hope it helps, 

Ride On!