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Good morning

i want to cancel my account and not pay again every month The amount of € 14.99 as requested before, but to date you have still climbed my money.

You have to cancel in your profile, not here!

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Good morning @Walter_Rizzi welcome to Zwift forums.

Please follow these instructions on our support hub to cancel your account.

If you’d like to pause your membership and return when the weather turns cold again, we have an option now to pause for X weeks, rather than cancel. Either way, we hope to see you back!

These instructions don’t work, this is extremely devious and makes me so angry as a customer - who can report this to?

How do you cancel your profile. I’ve been trying for over an hour, what a pain in my butt. I’m hating zwift

Which part of the below process doesn’t work?

If you’re paying for Zwift through iTunes, you’ll need to cancel through Apple. Check out Apple’s website for more info.

Log in to
Select your profile icon in the top right corner.
Select My Profile.
Go to Settings.
Select Billing.
Select Cancel membership.
Select Confirm Cancellation.

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I just tried on safari and on clicking cancel membership if just took me back to the activity feed. So that’s a problem.

I opened up google chrome and tried there and it then took me to the confirmation page. So I’d suggest you try a different browser or just delete your visa details so no money can be taken.

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