December 19th Zwift update

I updated to the lates update to Zwift on the morning of December 19th 2020. It now it freezes at the Paired devices screen. Once I was able to get the search screen to open but nothing happened.

I try to click search and it still freezes.

No devices are recognized.

Everything ran great on my Surface tablet until this update was applied.

I have the same issue on Ipad Pro + IOS 14 :disappointed:

My issue sounds similar to the one posted by Perry. No issues with Zwift until loaded newest app update yesterday (version 1.0.60239). Now launch Zwift, select profile, expect to see pairing screen. Instead the spinner (the one to the right of my User Name) runs for a moment and then stops. The app has crashed / hung with the UI completely frozen. Sometimes app closes after a moment, others it simply remains froze until I kill the app. Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max, IOS 14.3. Help! Major bummer!

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Same issue here iPhone 11 - worked great yesterday. Does not work now - freezes on profile selection screen. Restarted phone and closed all other apps to free up memory - but no luck. Cannot get in at all no matter what I do. Help?!

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