Dashboard not working properly

(Mike O'Donovan) #1

I’ve noticed the following issues with the Dashboard since last night. I’m using Safari on Mac OS Sierra, but am also getting the same results on my Android phone and Windows 10 tablet. Please see screenshot


  1. The bookmark I always used now returns “bad request”

  2. Logging in to the dashboard afresh only loads some elements of my profile page:

  • Links to Blog and Support are missing

  • The Hours and Minutes for most of my rides are set to zero

  • The icon to the left of each activity is an empty box

(Maciej Kulawik TeamPL) #2

I confirm problem with empty image to the left of activity.

And also I discovered problems with avatar image uploading. It just does not work.

(Rusty Austin) #3

I’m having the same problem.  Some, but not all, of my workouts have hours and minutes set to zero.   My workouts sync to Strava and it displays the correct time.

(Rusty Austin) #4

OK, I checked again and now it’s fixed!  Thanks!

(Mike O'Donovan) #5

I now have NAN minutes for my last activity!

(Rusty Austin) #6

Ha!  Looks like I spoke too soon.  At least one of your workouts is fixed.  :)

(Mike O'Donovan) #7


(Rasmus Grouleff) #8

Just to pitch in here. It seems most of the issues here are fixed (for me at least). However the accumulated time spent is still way off (my dashboard says around 2000 km ridden in 10 hours, and I am - after all - not *that* fast…).

(Jason K) #9

Hey all, thanks for reporting this - we’ve been tracking this issue since it was spotted in the wild and making changes to fix the bug with our servers. We’re still working on it, but most of the problems should be solved.

Since this is on our side, you should see everything corrected as we continue working on it. No need to submit further posts or tickets. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone!

(Mike O'Donovan) #10

Similar to me - around 4500km in 23 hours. Latest ride today has NaN (not a number) for the minutes. I’m sure it will get sorted eventually, doesn’t affect anything else :slight_smile: