Dashboard - Internet Explorer

(Julian Newman) #1

Sure I know the answer to this ( get a new job ) …but, some feedback anyway !
My work laptop runs IE9 (I have no priviliges to update this)
This browser version doesn’t show Activity (My Ride) feed or Last Ride date

that’s all

(Eric Vlaanderen) #2

Google “Portable Firefox”. Put it in your “Documents” folder, or run it from a USB drive.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #3

I have IE9 on my laptop as well (though it’s not my only or default browser, thankfully) and I can verify the same issue exists. “Last Ride” has no date after it and the activity list is completely empty. Everything else, including the profile edit functions, appears to work fine.

(Onno Pierik) #4

Maybe in IE9 compatibility mode?

Pressing F12 shows a developer window. In the menu you can choose a browser mode.

(Julian Newman) #5

Thanks for responses. Compatability mode doesn’t help; but strangely, even though I can’t update I.E., I can download and run Firefox which works fine.