Activity feed down?

Finished my ride… went to my activity feed, and this is what I get… an endless wait:

Ride was loaded to Strava, as well as through the Companion.

Mine just loaded fine.

I was just stating that I had no issues opening and seeing the Activity Feed, nothing more. No excuses or scapegoats.

I was using a fully updated version of Google Chrome.

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mine is exactly the same nothing loads. in firefox and chrome


Came back for a short while, then left (read: not working)

Both Firefox and Chrome.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Already tried emptying my cache, going to incognito mode…nothing works. I’ve contacted support, hope they have a solution

Same here, I‘m using ios safari or chrome btw. :slightly_frowning_face:

i’m another one, using chrome; all caches cleared but no activity feed, just a pulsing z on screen and strava synch no longer working for two days

Yes, same for me Z z Z z Z z. That’s both on Windows 10 (Edge) and Android tablet (Samsung Internet). I can see my activities via the companion app on my mobile though.

Same problem for me. Tried vivaldi, chrome and firefox on 2 different PCs at 2 different locations, same pulsating Z on

Z z Z z Z z Z z Zwift!


Maybe there is some commality to people having this issue. If people said their country, their ISP, then a pattern might emerge.

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mine is still not working, Fireox, Chrome, on Pc and firefox, chrome on andriod phone

In the UK, on Bt

No commonality… btw, seems to load fine now.

Same problem. Chrome, IE11 on PC. Russia, MTS.

And now back to sleep… Z z Z z Z z Z z …

Same here, Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac, ISPs Telia and DNA in Finland. Events don’t work properly either: Event webpages don’t allow signing up

Both work fine on Chrome on Android with either ISP. Tried flushing the DNS cache on the Mac, didn’t help.

Now the activity feed works fine here, didn’t change anything at my end.