Cycling industry kit creation

Let’s say someone like BioRacer, NoPinz or some other cycling industry company was interested in getting an in game kit for riders to wear. How does one get this started. I assume there is also some fee for the marketing opportunity?

@Wes - actually asking for a friend in the industry, not just wasting your time.

Wes could have notifications turned off for tagging him so he might no see this thread.

You might want to PM him, but he could have that turned off as well. Your best bet is to email Zwift Support.

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If a company is interested in partnering with Zwift (which could include getting in-game assets), they should contact to discuss.

Note this is not the same process community groups and teams should follow to get a jersey in the game for their team or club. his would only be companies who are interested in a partnership with Zwift which could include (bot not guaranteed) in-game assets related to that organization.

And I have notifications turned on and open DMs so don’t hesitate to contact or @ mention me. :slight_smile:

Of course this doesn’t mean I can always answer (or even respond) to certain very specific questions or issues. :ride_on:


Thank you @Wes! I’ll pass this on. Have a great weekend!