Custom Workouts

Is there a “how to” for the custom workouts?



Hi Robert, 

The workout editor is extremely easy to use and pretty much self-explanatory, however HERE is a short video which might help. You should also watch THIS video - “Workout Myths” on our YouTube channel.

Hope it helps, Ride On!

Thanks - I couldn’t work out how to change the target cadence in a workout I was trying to create, there’s something else that was hard but I’m not in front of my MacBook right now so can’t remember what it was.


But it was a cadence focussed workout and I couldn’t change it from 85.

In order to change targeted cadence you need to click on the cadence value in your case 85 and change it to desire value. 

Hope it helps, Ride On!

Tom, is there a way to create workouts on the website? I know i can make them in the app, but that isn’t always convenient for me. If i could build them online in the website that  would be great. 

Also curious about what happened last night when we were creating the workout. We created a workout on the iPad, but it didn’t show up on the computer app. Why is that? We had to recreate it on the computer app.

Same here but the other way around. Custom Workouts on IoS do not seem to transfer to the general account.