Changing (customising) workouts

 Is it possible to take a prescribed workout as a template and modify/customise to particular needs.

I was doing one of the TT specific workouts TT#2 Core Workout which was a nice session BUT the 3 min recovery blocks were set at 28% of FTP which is way too low. Doing 3 mins at this intensity is quite awkward and uncomfortable . SO I’d like to be able to either reduce the duration of recovery blocks or better still just increase the intensity to 50ish%.

thanks in advance

Hi Ian - You can actually do this today on our Mac and Windows versions, as well as the large iPads - however on iPad mini, AppleTV, and iPhone we do not have an interface to edit workouts yet. We will be adding it shortly.

great - thanks - any instructions available please

Hi Ian,

Easy, you just select the workout you want to modify and then click the little “copy” button next to the workout you want to tweak.

And then you just edit it the same way you’d edit/create any workout file and save it whatever you want to call it; it’ll be saved with all of your other custom workouts.

if you need directions on the workout creator/editor:–Creating-Custom-Workouts

Ride On,


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