Editing workouts is broken since the last update

I don’t think editing workouts is working.

This morning and this evening i tried to edit a custom workout, saved it and then did the workout and the changes hadn’t saved and it was as it was before.

When i logged back in today it looked like the changes had been made.

it seems if you edit a workout, save it and then ride it it doesn’t remember the change but if you close down and reload it does.

For me at least.

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This is still broken

This still happens.

If you edit a custom workout (windows PC) and then load it straight away none of the changes will have been made. Then the next time you load it they will be there.

Just to say I tested this on ipadOS and custom workout edits worked kind of fine but I think is broken in the same way you describe in your last post and seems to be related to caching.

When you edited them, the changes saved, but displayed wrong (showed the old/cached version) on the workout listing - you had to quit the workout list (return to free ride) then go back into the workout selection screen at which point you could see your saved (updated) version.

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it isn’t just displayed wrong - if you do the workout the segments are still the old ones.

if you edit the workout, save it and go back to the homescreen then go to the workout again it’ll work. it is just a bit annoying

OK, yes I didn’t test that bit so couldn’t confirm, I cancelled out and went back in and found it displayed correctly and then selected and completed it from there - but I suspect you’re right, so it looks like this is the same bug and is present across multiple OSes in that case. I was going to report it myself but didn’t have the heart given nothing I report ever seems to actually gets fixed :frowning:

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given this used to work and got broken after an update 6 months ago and I seem to be the only one who has noticed I think it’ll stay forever.

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You’re certainly not the only one who noticed it, as I say it happens to me on ipadOS too, I’ve just learned to work around it

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I have also learned to work around it. But just mention these things again from time to time.

I meant I’m the only one who has mentioned it here in 6 months so obviously not high on the list of things that bother people. Same goes for a lot of the bugs that get raised.

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Zwift confirmed they are aware of these issues with Custom Workouts and has told me it would be fixed next version. That was 2 versions ago. Either they truly don’t care or are incompetent.

The best solution to all these issues with Custom Workouts is for Zwift to provide a web-based version of the Workout Editor now built into the Zwift app. It would operate directly on a user’s Custom Workouts in the ZwiftCloudFromHELL - the singular place Custom Workouts should be kept and managed. This would ensure there is only one “version” of each user’s Custom Workout and also allow Zwift to easily solve the privacy issue with mulitple users sharing a setup as well. It’s a total mess right now.

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