Custom Workouts - Does Not Allow Interval Less Than 10 seconds

(Greg A) #1

When I try to add 5-6-7 second efforts to a Zwift Custom Workout, it does not accept it and automatically changes it to 10 seconds. Maybe this is a data entry check that assumes the minimum should be 10 seconds. Is this assumption necessary, for some reason? If not, please change it to allow effort as short as 5 seconds. Thanks.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey @Greg_Avon that is currently a function, I’ll look into if that minimum will be lowered at some point. Thanks!

(Greg A) #3

Hi Vincent:

I realize there may be a technical reason for setting a minimum at 10 seconds. If there is no technical reason, please request that it be lowered to 5 seconds. Intervals shorter than 10 seconds can be used to train the ATP-CP system (one reference: Thanks!

(Vincent W.) #4

Noted and will pass this suggestion on, thank you!