Custom workouts category missing [SOLVED]

Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ,

Thanks for the pointer; looked liked a synchronization issue for me. I was aware they had moved but I genuinely had them disappear from the new custom workouts location, I’ve now resolved it by opening the ‘All Workouts’ dialog, selecting a workout and leaving it for a good half hour while all my custom workouts resynchronize (by awaiting the loading circle to disappear from the top left corner of the ‘Training’ dialog, which took about 30 minutes).

I now have them all available under both the ‘Collections’ menu and the ‘Training’ dialog, so imagine something somewhere needed to rebuild in my profile as a result of the GUI changes. All good now, and somewhat relieved! Hopefully the above helps anyone else who has a large number of custom ZWOs.

Hi guys,
I’ve been away from zwift for a while and am slowly getting the hang of the new design.
One thing that is bothering me though, is when I select a custom workout the “custom workouts” folder is not expanded. On any other workout type the folder is expanded.
I also wish I could put my Custom workouts at the top of the list :slight_smile:
I just created a new workout and gave it a fitting name. The result was “New Workout”.
It was not until I restarted Z that the new name took affect.

I’m not sure of your platform, or if they all work the same, but on my iPad there is an icon at the top of the new ‘home’ screen that looks sort of like a clipboard (upper left). If you click on this it takes you to the workouts screen. And on the workouts screen you can select ‘Custom Workouts’ from the menu on the left side. I hope this helps.

Hi Nigel,

Correct, but the Custom workout folder is not selected and expanded on windows.
If you need to change some parameters in a workout, you also have to scroll down and find the “custom workouts” folder and find the workout.

The same happens here (Windows PC). Also if I duplicate a workout, make edits and save it, it does not select the new workout but selects the source of the duplicate. Then a lot of scrolling to find the new workout :slight_smile:

I thought my 200+ was a lot. I get it though. I love to ride rides I created and that push me in ways I think I need to go. Sure some are duds, but I can still change them and make them more punishing. I usually do edit a ride rather than creating a new one, but if it works well, I’ll spawn off another one and tweak that. Usually making it harder, longer, etc…

Sure, riding canned workouts is good for most people, but the one thing that drives me nuts about TrainerRoad is the 91 watt ‘recovery intervals’. Sure, but I think I can walk faster than that. But whatever. I’ve actually setup some TR workouts in my customs. Take out those wimpy recoveries and get to some real punishment…

And I found it, and it’s still a little weird to get there and work around. I hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Hey, what about putting a button that take people back to a cleaned up version of the old UI?

AND sorting the workouts regardless of custom or not by time since they are now ranged by time?

Custom workouts gone.

Yesterday custom workouts all disappeared. Recreated one, today it is gone.

Using IOS.

Where did they go Zwift? I’d like them back.

Someone just mentioned that they were moved to the bottom of the list, is it possible you can find them there now?

Not there, checked already.

Recreated another workout, also gone moment I close app on iPad.

Same boat. desperate to have my workouts listed to share

I had workouts I changed not save the changes. It was weird. I made the changes, saved them, then went back into the Workout folder list, Custom Workout tab, clicked on the Workout, and the preview did not show the edits, but the ride loaded with the changes. I swear that the exact opposite happened a few times as well.

It makes me wonder to the stability of the workouts on our workouts folders on our computers. Having a mac, I started using Time Machine to backup my workout files, JIC… I don’t remember ever having the feeling that something on my computer could be edited/deleted without my knowing about it. I don’t know if Time Machine saves the versions of files though.

It seems like custom workouts are becoming either actively or passively dismissed. That assumes they were taken more seriously in earlier versions of the app I guess.

I found things, I haven’t tried deleting anything yet, but not sure I want to. I’m hoping nothing else goes sideways. At times I thought I was the only one using Zwift like I do, but apparently there are quite a few that do too. I hope they are taken more seriously in the future. Be kind, rewind…

Also, on a related tack, making the ‘non-custom’ workouts ‘flatter’, so that people can search across all of them to find something that might work for them. (Is this already possible?) I always found flipping through the workout folders a time consuming excursion. I really liked having the ability to copy set workouts into my Custom Folder. I appended ‘My’ to the title and changed them at will. It’s a very awesome and powerful feature. It’s one thing that I wish TrainerRoad would do, make it so their workouts can be saved and tweaked, or chained together, etc. It’s what keeps me on/in Zwift. Ride on!!

Hmm, sharing custom workouts. Interesting idea. I suppose you can email or copy them from your Workouts folder and share them that way. I thought being able to use Workouts for club events would be great. (Is that a thing yet?)

Is there a way to physically share a workout file and have users load that workout to ride with a club event ride?

I have created custom workouts on my iPad Which have disappeared. I created agin twice and they keep disappearing. I see other people may be experiencing a similar issue so it’s not just me.

Custom workouts are right down at the bottom of the list in the new UI.

Yes they are but the custom workouts I create have vanished from that folder.

Ongoing problem here too.

Several weeks now. Quite annoying, especially when people keep saying the menu location changed. It’s does not save workouts and all previous custom workouts were deleted.

It’s a bug. Zwift screwed it up a few weeks ago and have not fixed it yet. Maybe 2024?


Can you post a picture of what you see in the workout list.

What device are you using?