Custom workout creation so slow

I’ve been writing custom workouts for 2.5 years. Over the last few months it’s moved at a snails pace with mouse disappearing for minutes at a time, not moving at all or having a delay and changing the blocks in the workout. Help! I can’t work this way!

I haven’t seen this problem. Can you describe the equipment you’re using to run Zwift?

Thank you for your response. I’m running windows 10 on my laptop. Again, I have done this for years. I have been starting up my computer then opening Zwift. So, I have no other programs open.

Jill Baulieu

Do you have OneDrive (or any other cloud sync software) on the PC? If so and you don’t need it, uninstall it.

I’ve only created a couple and have other issues with them, I created blocks at what were the same power, but they have now become different values I’m guessing because of rounding differences. Anyway I was thinking of trying to edit either the text file itself (Manually Editing Zwift Workouts | Zwift Insider) or using another tool to do it (Zwift Workout Editor Web App Announced | Zwift Insider). I haven’t tried them yet, but that may be a solution for you.

Hi Dave,

I uninstalled OneDrive and I’m back in business. Thank you for your help😊 Fingers crossed it stays this way!

On another note…Do you know why Custom Workouts stays at the end of my workout list now. It used to get moved to the top since it is frequently used. Nothing is in alpha order and I have to go the bottom of the list each time searching for it.

Thanks again,


Jill Baulieu

EDIT: Wayfinder remover Personal details.

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Its just an XML file so any programmers editor such as emacs, vi , Visual Studio Code etc should be able to validate while you type.

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Do you have the new user interface? If so, you should be able to select the ‘Workouts’ menu at the top (looks like a clipboard), and then select ‘Custom Workouts’ from the menu on the left of the Workouts page. Hopefully this will help.

Yes, that does get me there quicker but when I am creating and editing a custom workout I am under the Training heading which lists all workouts in random order. In the past the most used workout was at the top.

Jill Baulieu