Custom painted red frame isn't red

Just to add, I am also having the same issue. Another idea would to either set the individual RGB values separately like a HTML color code or similar. This way people would be able to get white, black, and grey colors as well.

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Having the same problem on the Spec. Tarmac SL7 which is either orange or pink instead of red.

Any news?


Just got feedback from the support with “Yes, it’s a known bug.”
I’ll ask them if they could change to value to #FF0000 (Red) manually until the bug is fixes :wink:
Let’s see …


Agree with the above - I can change the colour of a box in PowerPoint to anything I want and have been able to do that since 1995.


I’m unable to make a true red with any frame. Is this why there are no red Tron bikes?

I feel as though a year to fix this is enough considering we all pay $15 a month.

The same goes for me. I wanted a red cannondale but i got pink panther.

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+1 same issue with Tarmac SL7 and Cannondale EVO

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Still not resolved…


Somewhere on one of the forums I read a post written by a Zwift employee who disclosed that for historic reasons the color slider does not change the color of the frame but changes its hue. I cannot remember every detail, but apparently color gamut accessible through the hue change depends on luminosity of the model, and luminosity of the models (drawing of the frames stored in Zwift) is the root cause of distorted colors which are different from the color slider. That post went on by saying that Zwift has been working on updating and correcting their models, but evidently they did not move very far. It sounds that this is the same good old issue… I am also not quite happy with the color of my Tron bike. I want it to be Zwift bright orange, and it turns out yellow…


Imagine if EA Sports said “sorry - we can’t make Manchester United’s kit red in FIFA 21 because of the way in which we code the colours - but don’t worry it’s a known issue so there’s no need to keep pointing it out”.

What makes things worse is that you don’t even have to pay £12 every month with FIFA like you do with Zwift. Not to mention the fact that Zwift raised $450 million in private equity funding only a few months ago.


Good to know that I’m not going mad.

Looking forward to day that the expected colour spray can comes through in game. Until then, I’ll just continue riding around like I’ve stolen the wife’s bike (Tarmac SL7). :smiley: Or pick a frame that I can get in vibrant Red (Trek Madone).

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Still not addressed … hrrmph . Really , how can something as trivial as this take soooo long to be resolved .

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Simple … Zwift just doesn’t give a damn.


@shooj Are you able to quantify this “more time” . How much more than 10 months is this fix likely to take ?

Looking into the history of this ticket - it was marked done April 2020. There’s a note saying that the work improved the color fidelity vs what it was prior.

However, it does not overcome the underlying issue: the brightness value of some frames will cause the red hue to shift pink. I’m not sure it can be fixed without revamping the artwork on some frames, and doing that comes with risks.

I know there’s a lot you wanting a redder red. Let me ask: is it worth the risk of introducing new problems? If it is - I’ll advocate for this to be revisited.


I vote for the ability to have a more true red. It is quite annoying to have red kits and helmets, but not to be able to have a corresponding red bike.

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I mean… this is pretty incredible.


Maybe we should talk about the question of whether the colors of frames should be uniform across all frames in-game? They’re intentionally different.

The color selector for the Tron bike, for example - no other frame looks like that on purpose.

I can’t tell if this is a wind-up post or not.

  1. It was marked as completed in April 2020. But it still wasn’t possible to make a frame red. So it seems like an odd thing to mark it as completed.

  2. Red is a primary colour. There is nothing easier to do. All of your other frame colours are made from these primary colours. That’s how colour works.

Here’s some red for reference.

  1. It doesn’t matter how bright you make red, it never becomes pink unless it is mixed with white.

  2. If I never learnt any programming and then wrote an application blindfolded, it would be impossible for me to come up with code so scrambled that adding the ability to select ‘red’ would carry a significant risk of causing other problems.

Never has a post so adequately summed up all of Zwift’s problems, so I thank you for that.


If you’re talking about mixing inks and pigments, you’re 100% correct.

There’s more to it when you’re rendering colors as light displayed on a monitor. Hue, luminosity and saturation values work together to determine what’s on the screen.