Custom painted red frame isn't red

Just to add, I am also having the same issue. Another idea would to either set the individual RGB values separately like a HTML color code or similar. This way people would be able to get white, black, and grey colors as well.

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Having the same problem on the Spec. Tarmac SL7 which is either orange or pink instead of red.

Any news?


Just got feedback from the support with “Yes, it’s a known bug.”
I’ll ask them if they could change to value to #FF0000 (Red) manually until the bug is fixes :wink:
Let’s see …


Agree with the above - I can change the colour of a box in PowerPoint to anything I want and have been able to do that since 1995.


I’m unable to make a true red with any frame. Is this why there are no red Tron bikes?

I feel as though a year to fix this is enough considering we all pay $15 a month.

The same goes for me. I wanted a red cannondale but i got pink panther.

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+1 same issue with Tarmac SL7 and Cannondale EVO

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Still not resolved…