Current/new issues with Zwift 1.31.x (November 2022)

Game crashes when taking screenshots via game app
Fixed in 1.32

Game crashes when taking too many screenshots
Fixed in 1.32

Unusable audio on multiple worlds
Fixed in 1.32

Audio volume sliders do not work
Fixed in 1.32

Camera 1/2 issues after joining PP/event/other Zwifter (persists through entire session)
Fixed in 1.32

Erratic joining behaviour, avatar flying off route
Teleportation in progress

Minimap issues relating to Urukazi
Defect logged - being investigated

Link to Training Peaks broken
Fixed in 1.31.1

Training plan progress lost
Fixed in 1.31.1 (If Zwifter re-enroled before patch progress was lost)

Share to last selected club not working correctly
Being worked on