Cruise Zwifting

Going on a cruise soon to Bahamas and I don’t want to miss a stage of the upcoming Tour of Watopia. Has anyone ever zwifted on a cruise ship? If so, how did you do it?

The usual advice when visiting strange gyms applies: find out what the bike is, if it’s not something supported by Zwift then you would have to use power meter pedals - if they’ll let you install them. If it is a bike that works with Zwift, you still need to understand if it’s a silly spin bike that might throw off your power numbers. This mostly matters if you care about your racing category and don’t want to become A+. If you’re concerned about that you can create a new account and delete it when you’re done with the cruise. When I’m at my in-laws house using their non-Zwift spin bike, I watch YouTube videos of people doing Zwift races and pedal along with their efforts. If there isn’t suitable Internet access for viewing streams or using Zwift, then you would need to download some cycling videos to a phone or tablet to take along. That might be a good idea just in case of issues.

There was once an app that turned your heart rate into a power estimation and would broadcast it to Zwift from a smart phone. You would need a laptop or tablet or other smart phone to run the game i believe.

The same applies about messing with race categories if thats important to you, as i dont think it was very accurate.

Wait, excuse me (don’t take this the wrong way) but you’re going on cruises to the Bahamas but you don’t want to miss the stages of the Watopia tour?? lol !


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Lol…I know! I will be able to do all the tour stages except the last prior to the cruise….gotta get that jersey!

be careful don’t miss your boat…lol !

have a nice holiday (cruises are very nice) (;