Zwifting When Travelling

Im going on vacation in a few weeks. Wondering if you can connect to a hotels bikes using my zwift account?

Yes if they broadcast ant+ or Bluetooth power data.

I’m wondering the same thing. I log onto my Zwift account using my Zwift app (not the companion app) on my iPhone. There is a Bluetooth connection with my Kickr bike. The only time I tried using my iPhone Zwift app to log on when traveling was at a Marriott gym with peloton bikes. These bikes had Bluetooth tech, but it totally ignored the Zwift app on my iPhone. I’m not a techy. I don’t know if the failure was my own ignorance or the hotel’s hardware/technology.

Did you use the peleton bike? Hotel im staying at does have peleton bikes but do you need a account to access the rides or is it free at the hotel?

Use of the peloton bike was complimentary, but from what I could tell (remember I’m not a techy!) the only fitness software it recognized was Strava, which I don’t use and never have in all my years cycling. I did use the peloton but all attempts to have the machine recognize the Zwift app on my iPhone were a failure.

I don’t think peloton natively supports Zwift, although if you google there are ways of doing this with extra hardware I think. I have heard of people taking power meter pedals with them and putting them on exercise bikes in hotels and that would work although obviously the exercise bike wouldn’t change resistance with the terrain.

You can use peleton bikes with an app called QZ Domyos but that would need you to use a secondary device to run the app to act as a bridge between bike and Zwift.

I did this recently and here’s my setup. If you’re not comfortable swapping bike pedals on a hotel bike this solution doesn’t apply. I brought power meter pedals (Assioma or Garmin Vectors for example - I used Garmin Vector 3s), grease, pedal wrench and to play it safe a torque wrench with 8mm hex. Also brought the necessities such as biking shoes, water bottles, cycling clothes, etc. Everything except for the pedals i checked into luggage on the airplane. The pedals i brought carry on. I installed Zwift on my Android cell phone. There’s a bit of setup involved for each ride with swapping the pedals. The pedals provide the power and cadence measuements over Bluetooth to the Android phone. You don’t get the automatic resistance feedback, but you can manually change it with the red knob on the Peloton bike. I just proped the Android phone on the handlebars of the Peloton bike and plugged in phone power to the same outlet the bike was plugged into.

While everything worked, the biggest negative was a lack of a fan and any air circulation in the hotel gym. I was sweating like crazy and rides over an hour were miserable. Over a two week trip I got in seven rides. Next time I try this I’ll Amazon Prime a cheap box fan to the hotel. Good luck.

On a site note I did get stopped by airport security and they questioned what the power meter pedals were. Made for an interesting explanation.

Thanks for the replies…seems like alot of work for no adaptive reaistance.

Wouldnt the peleton workouts be just as good in a pinch? Do most of the peletons at the hotels have spd pedals?

Yes, it was a lot of work, but I was on a mission to make it happen. I didn’t mind the lack of adaptive resistance, it was not having a fan that I found brutal. The Peloton rides are pretty good. I used Peloton for several years until I stumbled upon Zwift. For me Zwift wins hands down. If you like indoor spin classes with an instructor, Peloton will work for you. Class lengths are standard 20, 30, 45 and 60 min. For longer rides you can take multiple classes back-to-back. Rides are live and also on demand. I’m not sure about the pedals. Since I brought my own I didn’t pay much attention to what was installed. If I had to guess, I think they were SPD (not SPD-SL), but dont know for sure. You might call the hotel and ask, but it wouldnt surprise me if they don’t have a clue. If you do call the hotel, if you are not already a Peloton subscriber, ask if they have a complimentary account for you to use. If you are a Peloton subscriber, don’t forget to bring your account credentials (user name and password).

I used to set up my Saris PowerCal HRM w/Power with a Samsung Tab S3 with built-in ANT+ receiver.

The power from the sensor needed about 10minutes warm up to normalise for steady states riding but sure is easy for me to bring Zwift anywhere.

Thanks for the info. I thought about calling the hotel and im sure they would not have a clue. For the few days im there im sure peleton would work.

That’s really interesting and thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware there is a HRM product that measures power. Sure beats swapping pedals. Yes, using a tablet is the way to go. I used my Android phone and did find the screen on the small side.

Unfortunately the product is no longer in production/retail. However, there is an app on Android that does just the same for a nominal fee to use.

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