Hotel (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, etc) Lifecycle and other bikes

I see some traffic here about trying to get Lifecycle Fitness Bikes to work with Zwift, but how about the Lifecycle (most are now connected to the internet at the hotels, to be able to CONNECT and run with our Zwift login credentials a Zwift simulation and use the bikes info (as the Lifestyle social media app does) to run the sim.?

After you are done it posts to Zwift and also to your Lifecycle profile???

I travel all year round, but only will likely use Zwift in the winter…this would be a GREAT reason to subscribe ALL year since I could use Zwift while traveling to Marriotts and ALL their brands and also Hyatt and Hilton and etc who all seem to have Lifecycle bikes, elliptical, and treadmills.

I sometimes bring my vector pedals and switch them out for the hotel gym pedals. Then you can zwift anywhere. Requires the pedals and some planning ahead, but super nice if you do travel a ton.

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do you bring a wrench and put them on???
kinda pricey aren’t they?
The machines have most of the transducers and power and cadence and etc on them, they just need an API to talk and interact with the ZWIFT videos and database and play?

FYI, I created the Travel Watts iOS app as a hack to get some semblance of a Zwift workout in while on the road. It’s essentially a manually or erg-mode controlled cycling power meter.