Hotel/Gym Mode with a Zwift Ride

I was recently at a hotel that had a Peloton bike in the fitness center. It allowed anyone to use it for workouts, even without an existing Peloton account. I was thinking that this could open up a new market for Zwift.

  • Use the Zwift Ride hardware now that it’s available
  • Add an integrated tablet
  • Update the app with a “gym” mode that allows anyone to simply start riding or doing a workout. It doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles of the full app. Just enough to let someone do some standard things.
  • Provide an additional option for users to log in so they can access their account and ride as themselves.

This could allow Zwift to sell hardware and software to fitness centers, hotels, and other areas to allow people to easily access Zwift outside of their home. It would also allow non-users to try Zwift for themselves and maybe get excited about becoming customers.

I go on cruises and wish they would do the same there. I can bring my laptop, but still need to be able to connect to the bike. This could be much cheaper than what they have now since my laptop eliminates a lot of hardware.