Gym membership

Could Zwift offer a gym licecnce.

we have 5 wattbikes in the gym and would like to set up group rides

but with people that may not have a paying membership.

could they be given a code example if the gym have paid a licence fee.

+1 for this… We have 5 bikes and 3 treadmills (hope to update them with the wahoo gymconnect) in the Gym at work.

And a Gym account would be so cool. Just think of how big an audience that would introduce zwift to.

But you would still need some kind of personal user log in into that gym account, and that would open up a door for misuse. But maybe just and easy way of setting up your weight and gender before the ride could do it, and an easy one time sync to your Strava account after the ride.



Can I ask where you gym is? I’m looking for one I can use while working away and it seems impossible to find a gym with the equipment for Zwift. I did find one that had Wattbikes but they didn’t have Bluetooth so I’m thinking of trying again at a later date but I’d have to take my Ant+ and laptop rather than just iPhone or iPad.