Zwift should have their own gyms.

I’ve always wanted to open a gym and have virtual training for runners, rowers (I have a treadmill and rowing machine at home) and cyclists.    I can’t believe that in 2018 we still have such boring choices in gyms.    Imagine running on a treadmill with a wall sized screen in front of you and doing groups runs through Zwift, you could have teams (like in cross country), training, do Olympic events and relay races (a feature not available yet) or just social runs.  The no. 1 complaint I hear from people exercising is the monotony.   

I’m convinced it would really work and people would pay extra for the features.   Just need some venture capital for proof of concept :).


I don’t know if venture capital would be on the table, but if you are looking towards incorporating Zwift into an aspect of your business you can write in to The team there will be able to give you more information.


Ride On! 

The Pain Cave in Williamstown (Melbourne) does this and it looks insanely cool.