Jogging in Zwift, sign me up :-)

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

I have a treadmill, Garmin ant+ fotpod and the Zwift setup.
Now just cant wait to be invited for beta test the running as well as i did with the bike on Zwift Island  :-)

Yes, like the ide very much, Duatholn on Zwift 

(JD Griffis) #2

Yep, ready for this one… Wonder what the numbers are for users that have treadmill compared to bike trainers? Will be interesting to see if this takes off.

(Graeme Bird) #3

After this year’s Ventoux stage they have to include an unlockable Chris Froome that you can run up the mountain route on Watopia.

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #4

Yes, I like the idea. I would not use it as I cycle but would like the idea of some runners on the road to break up the monotony.
Here is my vote!
i have done the Mont Ventoux already on another software (Bkool).
Maybe at some time I can even do it in real life.