Jogging in Zwift, sign me up :-)

I have a treadmill, Garmin ant+ fotpod and the Zwift setup.
Now just cant wait to be invited for beta test the running as well as i did with the bike on Zwift Island  :-)

Yes, like the ide very much, Duatholn on Zwift 

Yep, ready for this one… Wonder what the numbers are for users that have treadmill compared to bike trainers? Will be interesting to see if this takes off.

After this year’s Ventoux stage they have to include an unlockable Chris Froome that you can run up the mountain route on Watopia.

Yes, I like the idea. I would not use it as I cycle but would like the idea of some runners on the road to break up the monotony.
Here is my vote!
i have done the Mont Ventoux already on another software (Bkool).
Maybe at some time I can even do it in real life.