Zwift while away in Australia

Hi all,

Does anyone happen to know a gym or similar, in Brisbane or Darwin, where you can use Zwift? I’m currently on holidays and really wanted to finish ToW and don’t get back until the tour (and make-up week) are finished.


As nuts as this sounds: look for a CrossFit gym with a Concept2 BikeErg. It’ll have the feel of a “dumb” trainer (no resistance adjustment for hills) but it has an accurate power meter so you’ll be able to output power to any device running Zwift. (phone, tablet) CF gyms almost universally allow ad-hoc drop-ins for a small fee and they’d probably get a kick out of your dedication to finishing ToW if you explained what you’re up to.

My experience with conventional gyms is less consistent - they’ll often have spin bikes that allegedly have power meters but are usually locked down, hard, so you can’t connect to anything.

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If you want more exposure for your query, try the Zwift Riders group on Facebook

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Thanks, CJ - will have a Google for some CF gyms!

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