Traveling with Zwift

(David Pearson) #1

I have some trips back to visit my folks coming up. Anyone have suggestions for how to use a gym or home stationary bike to get on Zwift? Would a footpod for running work? I’ve been trying to search the webs for something but it’s been hard to find. You fine folks are the best direct source. Thanks!

(Paul Allen) #2

A running footpod will not work for biking within Zwift.

A good option would be:

(Matz Binder) #3

PowerCal is indeed a very good option to travel with.
Since it provides HR and PWR you are good to go with absolutely any bike and a mobile device.

A little downside though: Power readings fluctuate at lower heart rates. In order to get your avatar constantly moving, you need to keep up a HR of 140+ and something around a 170+ watts.

Another nice option is the MilestonePod. Along with the PowerCal you got everything you need to get you zwifting on a treadmill or bike.

Cheers, Matz

(David Pearson) #4

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll look into both.

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