Traveling with Zwift

I have some trips back to visit my folks coming up. Anyone have suggestions for how to use a gym or home stationary bike to get on Zwift? Would a footpod for running work? I’ve been trying to search the webs for something but it’s been hard to find. You fine folks are the best direct source. Thanks!

A running footpod will not work for biking within Zwift.

A good option would be:

PowerCal is indeed a very good option to travel with.
Since it provides HR and PWR you are good to go with absolutely any bike and a mobile device.

A little downside though: Power readings fluctuate at lower heart rates. In order to get your avatar constantly moving, you need to keep up a HR of 140+ and something around a 170+ watts.

Another nice option is the MilestonePod. Along with the PowerCal you got everything you need to get you zwifting on a treadmill or bike.

Cheers, Matz

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll look into both.

“Put a glide in your stride, a dip in your hip, and come onboard the mothership.” - George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic)

I think Zwift has a hr monitor for sale on their website that produces power output also haven’t tried it so now sure how well it works! It seems that would be the ideal item along with the zwiftpod so you could treadmill also!

If you travel a lot, consider purchasing power meter pedals (I have Garmin Vector 3). Then, on long trips, I’ll bring a pedal wrench, my pedals, and bike shoes. Most spin bikes (and hotel bikes) can have their pedals easily switched out. Then whatever bike is available suddenly has power and cadence that you can send to Zwift on your phone or laptop.