Unfortunately, I am no longer allowed to jog because of cartilage damage, so I am switching to a cross trainer. I would like to use this with Zwift. What are the possibilities? Pods etc…
Would be great if you can help me. Thanks

It’s been tried to little effect I’m afraid.

I’ve never tried it but I would imagine that the lack of foot impacts means that pods wouldn’t register steps.

Get a bike?

Try the free app “TreadmillSmartSpeed”. The app generates a bluetooth signal that zwift can read. You have to adjust the speed by hand, but better than nothing.

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unfortunately i can’t find this app for android, do i need another accessory or just a smartphone and the app?

Treadmill Speed Transmitter is the Android app to use.

You tell it what speed you are running at and it and this to Zwift. You could use it with a cross trainer I suppose but I’m not sure how you’d correlate the speed of the cross trainer to that of running