Cross-country style game, where you have to search/collect items scattered around the maps

Imagine a game where items are scattered around the worlds. Players all start from a single spot and then race around the worlds trying to find/collect all the items in order. Would be great fun - especially if the items were only identified by clues and people actually had to figure out where in the worlds they all were and then have to navigate there themselves!

There was something like this a while back, I think it was called Zwift Quest.

GoldRush - ZwiftGPS

From Zwift Community Live:

GoldRush! Spawned out of the community by Andy Lee, GoldRush is a Zwift mini-game that starts on the hour and lasts one hour.

—How does the event work?–
Log into the website before the start time with a 2nd screen/device showing the online map to have with you when riding.
Wait for the event to start.
Spend the next hour racing everyone around London to collect coins.
Once you reach a coin on the online map it will disappear for everyone and it will re-spawn somewhere else.
Some coins are worth 1-point and others 3-points so keep a look out for the difference.
Look out for the Treasure Chests - they will spawn something special nearby when you reach them.
At the end of the hour the winner will be announced on the online map with the scores for all who competed.

There is no in-game Zwift event for this mini-game - you should just free-ride.
You will not see coins in-game - use the online map to reference your location.

Yes! Integrate ZwiftQuest/Goldrush and more! :slight_smile: