Zwift world - The Core

Create links from each world (Watopia, London etc.) Through a 1km? transit tunnel (time tunnel, warp tunnel, whatever sounds coolest) to a flat core ring.

The tunnels could be futuristic to ignore distance/ physics or decorated like airport conveyors with themes of the destination. The Core would be the centre of the earth, basically a giant roundabout with junctions back to each world. Junctions every 500m? (Whats the min distance on normal routes?) A pretty glowing ball or science atom structure in the centre… imagination run wild. Maybe just Zwifts big pile of subscription cash?

Scope for all sorts like a 360km straight line loop at 1% climb both directions (ride the ring).

Would be very cool and a better way to transit between worlds than exiting the game… maybe even create the ultimate linked route.


Sound cool, but like someone said in reddit: you must consider that zwift saves your route then links to garmin connect/strava/adidas/etc. That creates a problem, gps map will look really weird.


Agree that allowing the route to continue would cause confusion elsewhere so perhaps when you go into a transfer point you have the option to save or discard your current route.
The key thing is being able to ride in one place and then able to switch to another without restarting the whole game. Technically this is possible if you ride in one world then join a group ride/meetup that is located in another. Zwift will save the ride and switch you over so would be good if you could initiate that yourself by going through a ‘portal’.