World Warp Tunnel

Don’t know if this idea has been out there yet or not, but how about as an option to leave a world that you’re currently riding/running in, a world warp tunnel that you can ride/run through the tunnel into a warp zone (think NES Super Mario Bros) but instead of going down little pipes, maybe you enter a huge round-about with turn-offs or off-ramps with huge signs indicating which turn-off takes you to which world. Then you can simply take one of the turn-offs through a tunnel and into a different world.

While this certainly sounds great from a rider perspective, I do wonder if it might create issues elsewhere. For example, each Zwift world has specific coordinates that are used with third-party sites, such as Strava. And when a ride from Zwift is uploaded to a site like this you can actually see the ride on the map as though you actually rode there. So, if a rider could ‘warp’ from one world to another I think it might mess with this coordinate system when uploading to Strava, or something similar. I’m guessing most of us have seen ‘rides’ from people who left their GPS tracker on when flying from one location to another: the distance and speeds are very clearly not a bike ride. So, I wonder if the same thing might happen if Zwift users could just ‘warp’ from world to world.