Create an event on La Reine race route?

So there’s a Zwift route for La Reine now, but no matching Strava segment as that uses the race route from start pens. Anyone want to create an event using that route from start pens so we can tick off the Strava segment?

There is one, Eric created it - La Reine - from Spawn Point. But Strava doesn’t match old activities to new segments for Zwift rides, so you’ll have to ride again, or use the trick by cropping your existing ride by 1 second or so.

Thanks, but this was a new activity - today. Others finding the same too - no Strava segment picked up by new rides.

It looks like you completed the full route ~5 hours ago. Makes me wonder if there is a problem with the segment definition in Strava. But others have managed to get segment times… @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn might have useful knowledge about this.

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Maybe share your activity link here, so we can compare it to the segment?

Also, make sure you don’t have Strava’s privacy turned on, where they hide the first X meters of your ride (even virtual ones). That’ll make segments not match.

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Thanks - Strava has now picked it up, it’s just the VeloViewer leaderboard that’s only picking up the race route :frowning:

Even weirder, it’s there on the web view of the Strava activity, but not on the app!

Strava sometimes hides segments from you, if a lot of people hide them manually, or by some unknown algorithm. You can unhide them on the website, but not in the mobile app! I wonder if @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn could talk to Strava to leave all Zwift segments unhidden at all times?!

I see the same thing - my effort on the La Reine is showing on the web Strava, but not on the iOS app.

It used to be that way, but nowadays, as far as I can see, Strava shows all segments in the mobile app. You just have to click “View All Results” at the bottom-left.

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