Crashing on Android 13? [September 2022] [1.28.1]

It’s come to our attention that Zwift game app v 1.28.1 is crashing on some devices running Android 13 OS.

If you’re having these symptoms after pairing to a trainer > Let’s Go, please weigh in here with the following:

  • Make & model of your Android device
  • Verify which version of Zwift game is installed. Check the lower right corner of the login screen.
  • Verify which version of Android OS is installed. Check in Android Settings > About phone > Android version.


  • Launch Zwift for Android
  • Bypass the initial Pairing Screen by selecting “Just Watch” and going to Fan View.
  • Select “Back to Me.”
  • Select “Menu.”
  • Select the Bluetooth icon to go to Pairing Screen.
  • Pair to the Power Source first, then Controllable, then Cadence, HRM, Steering, etc.
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Update September 8 @ 23:30 UTC
We made a temporary change on the server side that resolves this crash for Android 13 users.
Android 13 users will see the legacy home screen and will be able to Zwift with no further action required from your end

We will introduce a more permanent fix in an upcoming game release, and will update this thread when it happens.


Game crashes everytime I go into settings even after the downgrade fix.

Device Google Pixel 7
Android 13
Zwift 1.29.2