Crashes with AMD Radeon graphics [MERGED] [SOLVED]

Good news. Is there any background on what has caused these issues, and whether fixing it will have an impact on any other hardware configurations?

Hey everyone - with Zwift game version 1.26.1 released today, we addressed graphics bugs which could cause certain AMD CPU/GPU combinations to hang.

Before this patch, using certain older versions of AMD graphics drivers had limited degrees of success to work around this bug. Version 1.26.1 should make those workarounds unnecessary. Please update your game version at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your patience while we addressed this complicated bug.

If you continue to experience this bug on your Windows computer, please respond in this thread with the following information about your PC:

  • Type “dxdiag” in your Windows search bar

Image 001

  • When the DirectX diagnostic tool comes up (might take a minute), screenshot the Display tab(s) and post it in this thread please.

Have done a few rides on the latest update without any issues (3-4hours each), have not cranked up the resolution/details though, will do on the next ride. Carefully optimistic, well done!



cannot find a solution… even the official support-page did not help

since the last update, zwift is loading (versy slowly), the ist crashes. made no changes befor updating.

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sorry,this is the right attachment…

Looks like your system had a problem loading the AMD driver for your GPU and reverted to the Microsoft basic driver. Try reinstalling it, or try a different driver. Manufacturer’s driver is here:


OK, seems to be fixed. Took you only almost one year to find a solution. In this time you took my 15€ every month and I could not ride Watopia, partcipate certain races, etc. My fault report I raised was anwered with log request and in the end answered: “Can be everything! Most probably a system issue on your side.” Do you plan to compensate me for the limitied services you provided in the last year to AMD users? I have to say that your customer support is really bad and I ask you to consider a compensation for your long time customers who sufferred from this long lasting issue.


Well, I was a victim of the AMD issues for years. Was just about done with Zwift in May but then they somehow fixed the most brazen freezing issues. I still suspended my account for the summer. Now I came back, and I find a fun new problem. There’s this fuzzy line that’s just ahead of my avatar. It maintains the same distance except it changes orientation based on my direction. It seems to be associated with the location of the “sun”. So the line pivots as I’m going around bends, just as my shadow does. In a night scene or tunnel, no line. These pics should show it. Yea, all drivers and everything up to date. Windows 10. Clean install and machine is dedicated to just Zwift. Yada, Yada.

Which GPU and driver version are you using?

RX6700XT. Most up to date there are using the Radeon front end.

That line thing has come and gone for years on AMD. I’ve posted in your other thread.