Crash on workout 4 between last two 3min efforts

iPad Pro latest version, Tacx Neo. Closed and restarted before workout. After crash, zwift rebooted and asked if I wanted to continue. Only to take me to the start line at time 0. Very frustrating :slightly_frowning_face:

If you are not going for the pro contract, you should still be able to receive credit for this. Actually, you should receive credit either way, but if you are going after the contract probably want to repeat and complete in its entirety. You can manually upload the file from documents > Zwift > Activities and select the activity with the date you completed it. You need to complete 75% of each session to get credit. So if all you missed was one 3 minute and the cool down, it should be enough.


Thanks Leah. But that last 3 minute segment would have bugged me forever and ever. So just finished a redo. And no virtual chain break this time :grinning:


Great work!! Ride on!