Crash by loading watopia or france

When loading the worlds France or Watopia Zwift crashes. Other worlds doesn’t have an issue.

It first happend after the release of 23 november. I have reinstalled Zwift several times but that doesn’t bring a solution.

Somebody having the same problem of knows a solution?

When it crashes what do you see? Does it just close the window? Does the window go white? Do you still hear sound effects playing?

I’ve had two machines I use for Zwifting stop working since that same update but I get it in all worlds.I get a white window with sound effects still playing.

After 10 seconds it closes all the Windows. So I get back in Windows.

This sounds like the issue where this latest release has suddenly become a lot more demanding resource-wise on Windows. Lots of people have seen this but Zwift haven’t even acknowledged the problem. You’ll find lots of posts on it.

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I m also getting the problem of getting zwift being crashed since last two days.
With that my screen goes all white where i can not see anything. Can anybody please tell me the solution for this.

Yesterday I have upgraded my RAM memory from 8gb to 16 GB and the problem looks solved. Yesterday I have done a session in France without any problem.

Looks like Steve is right that after the last update Zwift asks more resources.