Close zwift when entering other world

Hello everyone, I’m becoming crazy how poor zwift works that I’m doubting to change to other platform en making a video of this bug. I can only enter watopia , if I want to enter from main menu another world zwift closes, if I want to enter an event from main menu zwift closes. I only have a 50% luck rate to enter another world from watopia… Really poor. I can’t find help. Someone a solution or I quit this

Please give us more information about your system and setup, what type of devices are you using, trainer, phones, PC, iPad, Apple TV, etc…

Windows 10
Laptop hp omen
Trainer: elite suito-t

Thanks mike

What’s the spec of your laptop?
Processor, RAM, graphic card

Hi @Nico_Van_Roy8893 Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. Watopia is one of the easiest worlds to load due to its simple design, worlds like Makuri Islands are filled with details and thus harder to run.

If Watopia is working as expected but any other world is a 50/50 chance, I’d have to guess that the GPU is the source of the issue here. Try not to run other programs in the background so your desktop can focus solely on running Zwift.

Another thing I’d recommend is checking if your graphic drivers are up-to-date. I checked your account to see your GPU’s model, hope you don’t mind! Just go here to the * NVIDIA website to check your drivers. If issues persist and you’d like personalized service, you can always give us a shout here.