Crashing when loading watopia

for the last few days, we have been unable to ride in watopia. have selected different routes, to no avail. other worlds work fine. today tried to join my tow stage 1 event by starting in London and then clicking ‘join event’. it again crashed while trying to change to watopia.
'zwiftapp.exe has stopped working"
please help!

running on windows 8
never had this problem before

Have you tried reinstalling Zwift? The data files for the worlds are stored on your client device, so it’s possible that the Watopia stuff is corrupted.

thanks Steve, uninstalled and reinstalled and now we can get into watopia. that said there are only 2000+ riders in watopia right now. we’ll check it again when there are more riders in watopia, if there is still no issue I guess it is solved!

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