Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

I had the same issue with Apple TV 4k 2021 (latest sw) and latest Zwift update. Switch to another language helped. On iPhone and PC I did not have this issue. Location China (I use Zwift with VPN).

Hello. Same problem here. New apple tv and nothing works. Everything worked before update of zwift. If i change language i come in to Zwift, but i can not connect anything. Hope there is a fix soon. Best regards from Norway

Dear Zwift, same issue here with Apple tv 4k, Zwift craching after software update. After loggin app directly crashes. tried everything from reinstalling zwift etc. no luck. please fix asap!

Update on the issue, when changing the language to English (UK) on Apple TV, keeping my region to NL, the zwift app goes past the log-in screen and lets me pair the wahoo trainer. so for now, this seems to work as a work-around till zwift fixes issue permantly…

User base in NL
language: English UK
Region: Netherlands

Same problem on my iPad Pro with M1 chip, iPadOS 15.1, Zwift 1.19.0.

Reinstalling, rebooting or changing language settings does not work.

I’m experiencing the same problem. When I try to log in, it crashes. I have an IPad 15.1 and the latest version of Zwift. Please, fix it!

Yep. Same issue here. I have no problems with logging on from my pc or android, but when trying from my AppleTv, instant crash down. :pensive:

The same problem in my Apple TV, and Iphone. The app is closing down each time i’m entering my login and password. I’ve updated the iOS on all devices.
Poland, Warsaw.


Thanks. Changing in Zwift to German and then back to English worked for me.

This workaround should be available for everyone.

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Super! That worked!

iPad iOS 15.1
iPhone 8 iOS 15.1
App crashes directly after log in.

Same here.
Crashes when I hit ‘log in’ both on Apple TV (4K, tvOS15.1.1
And iPhone 11pro Max iOS 15.1.

Zwift version 1.19.0 both iPhone and Apple TV

Bummer, first time today I joined :open_mouth:!

Did you try the ‘change the language on you Apple TV, log in, then change it back’ trick that is mentioned earlier in the thread?


Thanks, did not try that, but it worked for me !

Ipad pro and Samsung 10 is crashing after login. See that the problem already exist for a longer time. Today is my first day as a Zwift user. Really disappointing.

Same here, I can on my iPhone but on the Apple TV I can’t click on the language setting button.
And if I don’t it crashes during login

That’s 5 days ago and still no update??? What are u using? Morse code??

Did you try changing the language, as outlined (many times) above?

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Are you trying to change the language in Zwift? You want to be changing the language on the Apple TV itself.

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Makes no sense. Tried everything what was mentioned.