Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

I hope it’s soon! It’s taking too much.

Zwift crashed and bricked my iPad, costing me $250!

First try using Zwift after updating to Version 1.19.0. Was looking forward to Neokyo and so tried to start a ride there. In the process of generating the world, Zwift crashed my iPad 7th Gen running the latest iOS. Then I couldn’t turn the iPad on and took it to the Apple store, where they declared it a total loss.

Very angry about the cost and interruption to my training.

You are the first person to report anything like this. I am thinking this might be due to something other than Zwift.

App crashes after two or three screens following the click of the Let’s Go button.
Macbook Air (early 2015)
macOS 10.13.6
Zwift app was downloaded today from Zwift as a fresh install after cleaning out old preference files

I can’t even change my language in zwift on tvOS


You don’t need to. It’s changing the OS language that is the workaround.

Hi Lucas,

Just what Steve said: you don’t have to change the language in Zwift. Just change the language settings of your Apple TV (see ‘settings’ in your start menu).

Good luck!

I will try this evening. But i dont undersand where we have to change langage ? Im using ipad. When we start zwift, we have your name with your personnage and under we have the langage, its here that we have to change? My problem is just after, i can connect me its after when we areon the connection page of heart appareil… The bluetooth cant connect between HT and zwift. (Im french sorry for my english)

Thanks a lot
I will see in few hours,

Why are you such an antagonist? Clearly the language changing solutions have worked to correct the issue. Not the greatest solution, but it does seem to work. Yet, here you are, telling someone to just ignore a solution that has worked in numerous instances. If you don’t like Zwift, there are other options for you to use.


First off, the language change seems to be a solution for those using Zwift on Apple TV. I am not sure if this makes any difference on iPad However, this does not seem to be your issue, as you have indicated you are able to start Zwift, but are having issues pairing your HRM. My question would be: Does your HRM have Bluetooth, or is it only ANT+? If it is ANT+, only, I don’t think it will connect with Zwift. And if it has Bluetooth, make sure it isn’t already paired to some other device (a cyclometer head unit, or even your iPad itself). Also be sure that there is some moisture on the strap (if your HRM uses one) as the device may not be able to make a good connection otherwise.

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Thanks for clarification
I have tacx flow smart ANT+ and bluetooth
I have it since october 2020, before 2 days ago nothing to do, the connexion working alone without manipulation from my side.
I will try again this evening, remove again application, remove all appareil in bluetooth … i connected my HT to tacx application and its working well no connexion issue so the only problem is with zwift
i will see this evening
Thanks again

You really need to start a new thread for this, since it’s nothing to do with the crash being discussed in this thread. That way, you’ll likely get much better help.

I will thanks

Just a quite update, all is working well
I think that The pbl came of me, i probably lost connection but i didnt push on the bottim « paire cadence meter… »
In any case thank a lot to all

Works :clap:t2::clap:t2:

I changed the language in the zwift login windows down right corner to german and that solved it for me. Just changing the language in the ipad didnt help. After a successful login in I change it back to english and it still works.

Ipad 7.gen: IOS: 14.9.1
Zwift version: 1.19.0
Shuts downs zwift after login
The same happens on my iphone.

I’m new to zwift, it seems very buggy, think i will find an alternative.

Try to change language, works on my Iphone and AppleTV, but i can’t find my TacX Neo 2T via bluetooth connection;/

I had the same issue with Apple TV 4k 2021 (latest sw) and latest Zwift update. Switch to another language helped. On iPhone and PC I did not have this issue. Location China (I use Zwift with VPN).