Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

Still don’t work all my apple devices iPad Air 4, Apple TV, iPhone 13 pro all close down trying to login. Please solve.? And yes changing language to German seems to solve it, but changing back to English makes it crash again.

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mine went straight into game with just the one click ! no power or route selection.

New user. Account created. App crash during login (returens to iPhone 12 homescreen).
App version 1.19.0 downloaded.

I had the same experience with apple tv. Could run zwift after changing ATV language to German. But changing the language back to Dutch made it crash again during login.

Friend of mine had the same problem. Changed language settings to “Deutsch” and it solved the problem

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Same issue here with up to date Apple TV 4K (15.1.1) and Zwift. Changing language to German (“Deutsch”) solved the login crash for me as well.

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Simultaneously heartening and disappointing when the user base finds its own workaround to a fundamental problem. Good work, folks.


It did the trick for me on both my ATV’s:
Changed ATV language from Dutch to German, run Zwift and login into account, keep Zwift running on the background and change language back to Dutch. Tested it by closing down and restarting Zwift: immediately logged into my account.

Here in Belgium also same problem, first i buy new apple tv 2021 and i cant choose my track, the remote freezes when choosing track… now today i went to buy ipad pro… after installing app, i use login and the app trows me out, so to be sure i reinstalled zwift on the apple tv and same problem… only device where it still works i my iphone but i cant log out

Check the posts a few up from this one to see people talking about a workaround where you temporarily change the language on your device.

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Update: We’ve identified the fix for this on AppleTV and macOS and are vetting them for release as soon as possible. We’ll give an update when this is close to pushing live. Thanks for your patience.


hello same problem IOS15.1 with Ipad. Update done with zwift VERSION 1.19.0 but impossible to paire home trainer to zwift. I have to wake up my appareil, but remove application, stop blutooth and start again … nothing

on Ipad too?

Afternoon, this morning I crash 2 times during Zwift Cycle Nation Joburg Coffee Ride on mt laptop. Have check the driver in use at that time, namely 27 20 100.8729. Please help, this is frustrating. Thanks

Bought brand new ipad mini with A15 Bionic-chip, update it to iPadOS 15.1
I’m come to login screen and can typ email and password but when I hit “NEXT” app just closes.
I have deleted app, shutdown iPad install it again and always same issue, just cant go futher than login screen.
It works on my Iphone 12 and on my Windows 10 PC just wont start on brand new iPad :frowning:

Same issue, with both new Ipad and Phone. Netherlands

Changed language on ATV to German, problem solved. Thanx for that ”odd” tip & solution⭐️

Change to german, after log in you can change back to english. It works here in Danmark
on my iPad.

Thanks, strange but It worked
Ipad Mini 6, changed to German and it loged in to Zwift then change back to English :+1:

Doesn’t work for me, still a crash after login in