Zwift crash on Apple TV 4K 2021

Hello, from beginning of this week I have problem with Zwift on Apple TV. I fill the mail and password to Zwift app, press login and then it crashed and return to the main screen. All other apps are working without problem.

I changed router this week, but on the same router I can launch Zwift on iPhone and iPad, so this should not be the case.
I live currently in China, so I use VPN service to cover my Apple TV, but even when I shut the VPN down, nothing changes.
Zwift and Apple TV are both on latest version, and I reinstall the app already 3x and today I did complete AppleTV reinstall and also no changeā€¦

Thank you for advice.

A quick search found this: Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0] - #167 by Wojtek_Giel?