Course Request - should be easy maybe

Might it be possible to have the Watopia Mountain course without the radio tower?

More of a “prune” than a totally new course.



Chances are they won’t but no harm in asking. Zwift don’t generally respond to route requests - I’d be delighted if they proved me wrong by responding to your question.

My suggestion would be to ride the Big Loop route and if you don’t feel like riding the Jungle Circuit then just end the ride there.

If that doesn’t appeal, consider using Road Captain to build and ride the route you want. Mac or PC required.


Looking to use it for event for our Cryo-Gen team. Radio tower would really break up a group ride event. Just a prune…

Seems like a great idea. The Radio Tower always puts me off the Epic KOM routes

A great Course would be Watopia Waistband style with Epic KOM and no Radio Tower.
It could start in Downtown or Desert Pens.

I haven’t seen this as a REBEL Route


If it’s a public event maybe you could do Big Loop with a custom finish where you want to end it? Otherwise you’ll probably be waiting indefinitely.

I think it’s a great idea - definitely more social to exclude the Radio Tower. Fingers crossed the powers that be are listening.