Course distance left?

Is there a place when riding a course in Watopia that shows how far you have left? This is not very obvious to me. I would love to see another bar may be under the rank bar that shows percentage-wise how far you have left.

Also when riding a course in Watopia does it start you before the start? I feel like when I do a loop course I always ride past where I actually started…

There is that feature during events like the TdZ but not during free ride. The only way is to look up the route distance and once you go under an arch the first time add your current distance to the route distance as this will account for the lead-in which the official route distances don’t include.

That is frustrating! I was on a ride today and it was odd not nowing exactley where the finish was when I was getting toward the end.

So I did a ride today, and it never notified me when I finished… The course was supposed to be 12ish miles and I ended up riding 15 miles. You can see my ride here:

Kind of annoying not knowing when to stop riding…

That looks like Sands & Sequoias and if so there is a long lead in. The route doesn’t start until you go under the stone arch at the end of the sprint section. That’s also the finish line.

Looking at my past ride on that course shows 14.43 miles from start to finish (including lead in). Some of the route badges on certain courses have bugs and don’t get awarded. Haven’t heard anything about that route being one of them though.

I did sands & sequoias on Saturday to so maybe I probably already got the route badge… Either way it would be nice to know when I completed the loop.

As a test I did the hilly loop in watopia today and near the end of the route it showed my my recent course PRs for the month and let me know when I finished. I am pretty sure my ride in the sequias was a bug the other night. How can I report this?

Pretty sure not every course provides a 30 day best leaderboard. That’s for certain courses that have confirmed segments on them. But if you’d like to report a potential bug you can go to #bugs-and-support to report it.

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More distance info would certainly be welcomed. Distance to next sprint / KOM starts as well.