Country Missing

My country is missing from zwiftpower. It doesn’t seem to have been brought forward from zwift. Any ideas how to fix as its affect my results on a race series I’ve been in!

Hi Colin - have you clicked “refresh profile” in Zwiftpower?

Can you provide a link to your ZP profile (the ID which is the 6 digits in the URL of your profile page) and let us know what country you have defined in Zwift?

Hi Dean.
Yes, I’ve tried refresh profile. My id number is 1222153. I had selected Antarctica.
Thanks for your help.

Looks like Zwiftpower dont have it defined as a country - which to be fair, is correct. However they do have European Union which is also not a country so they should at least show some consistency.

I think if you treat it as a bug I would ask Zwiftpower team to:

  1. fix the anomoly
  2. adjust the result

Suggest you drop an email off to and see how you get on. Give them a bit of time as they have some ZP issues they are trying to resolve which is causing a bit of a backlog.