Could not restart after pause

(Aaron Sifferman TeamODZ) #1

Had my first ride yesterday and I enjoyed it very much once I was able to get my own hardware (PM battery dead) in order. I am using a set of rollers along with a stages PM. When I started the ride, wife came home about 2 minutes in and I had to jump off for a moment. When I got back on it started back up with no issue. put in another 40 minutes when I realized an issue with my rollers. Jumped off to correct the issue and when I got back on only minutes later, could not get it off the pause screen. I tried just rolling like I did last time with no luck. Tried to unplug the ANT+ dongle and plug it back in and that did not work. My PM was still working when i was rolling (power still showing on garmin) I am just assuming it lost connection with the dongle somehow even though I was only off the rollers for a moment and did not touch the computer.



(Shaun Doyle) #2

'm having the same issue. As soon as I stop pedaling, the pause screen comes on and the only way to get out of it is to end the ride. I have the same issue as yourself, even when I resume pedaling the pause screen remains… Some advice on this one would be great.

(Scott Mearns) #3

Seems like some kind of time-out on the Ant+ sensor. I’ve gotten back by hitting “A” button and then re-pairing/searching for my stuff again. That has been working for me with Mac and PC.

(Aaron Sifferman TeamODZ) #4

Thanks for the input Scott! I will give this a go next ride.

(Chris Freeman) #5

I had this same issue tonight on my Mac. Nothing I tried worked and simply had to tell it to end and send results to Strava. Then had to start all over.

(Paul Ogilvie) #6

same issue last night - paused to adjust the trainer and couldn’t get it to restart. Perhaps a pause/un-pause key would be beneficial?

(B urnt-Toast) #7

Happened tonight for me. I asked the group and no one knew how to restart.