Mac Beta

(Mike ike C) #1


I’m in the Mac test - how do I resume a ride once I have the pause screen?



(Eric Min) #2

Just start pedaling again!

(Mike ike C) #3

Thanks - I did try that but it didn’t want to work. I’ll see what happens tomorrow

(Eric Min) #4

It’s possible one of your devices went to sleep mode and you need to pair again.

(Chad H) #5

I do notice that my Mac is slower to respond to me starting back up after a pause as compared to the PC. Also it is slower to goto pause. May be just where I am stopping, but it feels like I coast further on the Mac. Now, I have not done a side by side comparison.

(Chris Freeman) #6

I had this same issue tonight on my Mac with my first ride. Stopped to adjust something and nothing worked to get it going again short of saving it to Strava and then starting another ride.

(Joe Martin (KOS)) #7

Same issue… Once paused, it would not resume play…